Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stop Eating Out!!!!

So as I've said in a previous blog post I have struggled with weight issues for quite awhile. When I was younger I had no idea that I was chubby until I came home from a week long basketball camp where we played 3 games a day and the first thing everyone in my family said was "Wow you suddenly look skinny!" Haha it was pretty funny, I just had no idea I was overweight. It didn't really give me a complex or anything, I stayed active with sports and didn't really have weight problems until I got married.

Kassia and I got lazy, we were newly weds, I was going to school full time and working part time, in my mind there was no time to exercise. We also got super lazy with our eating and we ate out a ton!! I gained weight pretty fast, suddenly I was up 20 pounds. I knew I had to make a change so we started working out more and that was when we first started training for triathlons. But there was one problem, we were living in St. Augustine, Florida for an internship and let me just say the food in that area of Florida is AMAZING! We ate out way too much, it was so bad we said we had to limit ourselves to eating out only two times a week, but that usually ended up being three times a week! 3 times a week! Are you kidding me?!?! Needless to say we didn't lose any weight when we were in Florida, we increased our exercise activity but holy crap did we increase our caloric intake. Imagine if we didn't exercise, we would have weighed about 500 pounds.

This pattern really has continued our entire marriage, we go through phases of where we don't exercise and we eat like crap, then we decide we need to do something about it and we exercise and we eat super healthy for awhile and then we slowly start eating out more and more and we hit a plateau. Mostly people hit a plateau when they exercise and can't lose weight for some unknown reason..... us on the other hand we know exactly why. EATING OUT!!! Over and over!! We get super lazy during the week and make up some reason to go to some fast food place and then the weekend comes and we go out Friday to eat but we say "If we go out Friday then we can't go out Saturday" we literally say that every single weekend and what happens on Saturday? You nailed it we go out because "We don't want to cook on a Saturday."

So for March we are going to buck that trend, we have a goal of only going out twice for the whole month. Some people might look at that and think that that is a pretty easy goal but for us it is absolutely going to be a challenge. We our foodies in every sense of the word and eating out is one of our favorite things, I mean we even plan vacations around eating at delicious restaurants.....I'm beginning to think we have serious problems haha. I know this will be a struggle, but we have big goals this year with triathlons and we know we need to drop some weight... especially me. So I am up for the challenge, we are changing the way we eat, we're eating clean to fuel our bodies. When I eat like crap for an entire weekend I can tell a huge difference in how my body feels, I feel slow and sluggish, and it lingers over into my workouts on Monday.

Needless to say a change is necessary and I'm ready for it! My brother works at Max Muscle and they do custom nutrition plans (more on this to come later) we signed up with him yesterday, we now have a detailed meal plan that luckily has some flexibility so it is very doable and I know it will bring results. We need to get our butts into gear and starting with reducing how often we eat out is going to be a HUGE step in helping us reach our goals. I'm doing this blog post to keep us accountable, we will keep you posted on how it goes. If you see us driving through a Taco Bell drive thru...... steal our food or something or shame us into leaving!

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