Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting Rid of the Extra Fluff!

So in earlier posts we have talked about how we have not exactly been the best eaters... I mean we love food! When we looked down at the scale one morning we saw it had reached tremendous numbers and we decided we needed to make a change and quick! Well long story short we both lost weight last year, if you want to read Kassia's full weight loss story click here, but we got stuck in a rut, we had both plateaued and wanted to break the barrier so bad to reach our goal weights. So one month ago we decided that if we wanted to lose the weight for once and for all we needed outside help, this is where Max Muscle and Parker Lee came into play.
We signed up for a nutrition plan and the plan includes weekly weigh ins and taking of measurements, and we also get to use the InBody 230 this machine is incredible (pictured right) it tells you all you need to know. It measures  your body composition which means that it tells you the amount of water weight you are holding, how much of your body is lean mass, and also how much of your body is fat mass (my favorite... not). The first week was a bit embarrassing to tell you the truth, we had just come off of the holiday season and were storing an extra winter layer, if you know what I mean haha. Here are our values from the first week.

Weight: 155.7 lbs.
Body Fat Percentage: 28.2%
Body Fat Mass: 43.9 lbs.
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 62.6 lbs.

Weight: 194.5 lbs.
Body Fat Percentage: 18.3%
Body Fat Mass: 35.7 lbs.
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 91.3 lbs.

Needless to say neither of us were super ecstatic about our body composition, these results were very motivating for us, we knew we had to make significant changes in our diet and amp up the training. Unfortunately for Brady he had just had surgery on his chest so he wasn't able to do any significant training for about a month, but he decided he would focus on what he could control which was his nutrition. I was all ready to go work hard every day and see what kind of changes my body was going to undergo.

Fast forward to this last Friday March 20th. We went in for our weekly weigh ins and here are our results.

Weight 150.6 lbs
Body Fat Percentage: 24.2%
Body Fat Mass: 36.4 lbs
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 64.2 lbs

Weight: 189.8
Body Fat Percentage: 17.5%
Body Fat Mass: 33.3 lbs
Skeletal Muscle Mass: 90.2 lbs

Brady has seen decent improvements in his month of not very much exercise. Not only has he undergone surgery and couldn't workout very hard, he then had what the doctors think is a nasty yeast infection so for a whole week he couldn't eat very much and he literally couldn't exercise at all. He has had a rough couple of weeks! Other than that one week when he was sick he has followed the meal plan and has lost 5 pounds and almost dropped a full percentage of body fat. Pretty impressive!
I couldn't be happier with my results, I don't want to brag or anything but I'm so excited! I lost 5 pounds, and 4 percent body fat and I saw my body fat mass go from 43.9 lbs to 36.4 lbs. I have been working out hard and I have been following the nutrition plan that Parker gave me, ya it hasn't always been easy and I've deviated from the plan a time or two but I know that it works!

Last week when we went in for our weigh in I only lost like .4 lbs and I was discouraged until I saw the body fat percentage. I had dropped 1.8% body fat which was way more important than total weight. That's what is sometimes misleading with scales in our bathroom, it only tells us our overall weight but sometimes we lost fat and gain muscle. That's what's nice about the InBody. We are both excited to see where we will be in a month, Brady is finally starting to get back into training and he can actually start swimming this week! We get weighed in every week and we'll post our results. This is why we love triathlons, and we can't wait to reach our goals this year!
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