Thursday, January 1, 2015

Meet The Iron Couple

We are the Iron Couple. All this started with an idea..... well not really an idea but a goal. One day I was looking at, Karena, one of the founders of Tone it up, recently ran a half Ironman distance race and she was talking about her race and how much she loved it and that got me thinking about how I used to do triathlons and I realized how awesome it would be to finish a half ironman!
Slowly but surely I convinced Brady that we needed to start training for triathlons again and that we should eventually do a half Ironman. Well we started training and signed up for a race, the Powell 3 Triathlon Challenge. This was our first serious race, Brady however got really sick and couldn't do it but I ran the race and had Brady scouting out the competition the whole day. I ended up finishing 1st in my age group and 9th overall! I was amazed and I caught the bug! A couple of months later I received a letter telling me that I qualified for the Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee this coming August! This year we have a jam packed race season and cannot wait to start training for the up coming races, which includes 3 half Ironman distance races, a few Olympics and one or two sprints. We also just received the amazing news that Triflare will be partnering with us for this race season. We love the Triflare brand and the amazing and unique designs they have.

Meet Kassia 

Hi my name is Kassia I'm 23 years old, a tennis instructor, and fitness fanatic. I used to play college tennis and now have fallen in love with becoming an endurance athlete. Endurance was never my specialty and I would always say that my long distance was 3 miles. I am super excited because this August I get to compete in the Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, my goal is to finish in a sub 2:14:00. I will be training hard this season so I can kick butt in August! 

Meet Brady
He did not want to go up that hill. 

Hey I'm Brady and I'm 26 years old. I currently attend the University of Utah majoring in Exercise and Sports Science. I have always loved athletics and I have always wanted to pursue a career in an Exercise Science field. I will be applying to Physical Therapy school this upcoming summer and we can't wait to get on with that chapter of our lives. I have been injury prone my whole life (that is an understatement) and I'm currently rehabbing a few injuries that I'm hoping will be completely healed in a few weeks. We've got a loaded race schedule and I'm hoping the injury bug will finally leave me alone! I can't wait to train with my best friend in the whole world and I hope I can keep up with her! 

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