Sunday, February 1, 2015

Long and slow like good smoked meat

Now I know that I am no super duper speed demon runner but I feel like I can run fastish. When we started training for triathlons we just found a training plan on the internet and started running, biking, and swimming with no rhyme or reason. We did alright with that, I mean we completed the races that we wanted to without dying but my inner competitor wanted more. I wanted to excel!
So this is where Balanced Art Multisport comes in, we had been researching them for months and in January we finally  committed and got a coach. We love our coach he is great and always there when we need him, he is always willing to help and answers the millions of questions we have. Well we obviously have put all our trust in our coach no matter what and this is where the long and slow comes in. He has us doing almost every run at a 10 min pace and also with intervals of walking and running, usually a 9 minute run with a one minute walk.

Wow it was so hard to do, I mean it was hard mentally to keep the right pace. But it has done wonders so far in our training, especially for Brady; saying he is injury prone is an understatement. He wasn't able to run over 4 miles for about 4 months because of his knee hurting or his trapezius hurting or his achilles hurting ( do you see a theme here?)

Well the moral of the story is that yesterday we ran 8.5 miles and guess what, Brady had no pain!! It was a huge milestone for him and for us because I no longer have to hear him complaining when we run haha! This training plan has already benefited us so much, running at a slower pace really has done wonders for injury prevention. After seeing our coach do the exact same thing since September, he has benefited a ton from it. He ran a 5k yesterday in 19 minutes which was a new PR for him by 1 minute, he attributes it all to the long and slow runs. It is hard sometimes to keep that pace, especially when we run with these two dogs and they want to go fast, but we are already seeing the huge benefits from it and we can't wait to see what happens when we start racing in a few months.

 I also got to wear my awesome Triflare running dress outside for the first time and it was amazing! Light, breathable, and since it has a built in bra I didn't have to wear a sports bra and let's just say it was great! Now I'm pretty flat chested so for the ladies out there who are more endowed then me you may need to wear a sports bra to eliminate the running jiggle that all women out there know about haha.

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