Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Run the Canyon: Cedar City Half Marathon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your first half marathon? Have you ever wondered if you could even run 1 mile without stopping? This was me to a T, I was always a sprinter I played tennis my whole life, how was I ever going to run anything?
Now my crazy husband and I signed up for a 10k earlier this year in Disneyland and it was a great experience. Now Brady caught me when I was still on my runner's high after the 10k and convinced me that we needed to do a half marathon. The Cedar City Half Marathon was a great half to start with because this half was all down hill woot woot!
The tricky part is that you have to remember to incorporate down hill training or you will not be having a good time come race day. To make race day easier make sure that you pick up your race packet as soon as you can. The day before the race if possible is much better than race day. You start this half at a park in the middle of Cedar City from there you will get shuttled 13.1 miles up the canyon to the start line. Now beware this is a very very cold start we bought long socks cut off the ends and wore them as sleeves. Instead of having to buy running sleeves that are a million dollars we got the long socks at walmart for $5 for a pair of 4 socks. Then we didn't feel bad at all just throwing them to the side of the road when we got hot.
The run is beautiful and for my first half it surprisingly went super quick, especially the first 8 miles. Now I'm not going to lie the last mile was HELL, it felt like it went on forever!.......FOREVER (imagine the kid on sandlot saying that). But I feel like every race I run in, the last mile is by far the hardest and the worst. The pain paid off though in the end, I beat my predicted finish time by a whopping 8 minutes! Now this just may be the down hill, but I feel like I just really had a great day and Brady had an even better one with a finish of 1 hour and 50 minutes. After doing this race and seeing how well it was put together I will be coming back year after year. I highly recommended doing this race for your first race it will definitely give you the confidence to do another half marathon. And you can't beat the price we signed up for the race in January and it only cost $20. This year I believe if you sign up now I think it's only $25 which is an incredible deal. Here is the link to check it out.
Cedar City Half Marathon 2015

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