Thursday, May 21, 2015

Processed Free Update Week 1

Wow, I couldn't believe it when I woke up this morning and realized that a full week has gone by! As someone who has been on almost every diet plan imaginable I have learned to dread that first week of a diet, by the time the first week is done I am pleading and ready to sell my soul to the devil for some double stuff Oreos.... haha but in all seriousness I usually am counting done the seconds until my cheat meal. Well this has been completely different, I feel great, my energy level is high and best of all I feel light and have no stomach issues! (I am lactose intolerant and have lived a life full of stomach issues haha) This is not helped by the fact that I just LOVE cheese!

But back to the fact that I have had ZERO cravings, what what! O.K. except for last Sunday when my family had a big Sunday dinner full of processed deliciousness. I held strong through the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and even my sister's sinful green bean casserole! I didn't even feel deprived, but that all changed when I was face to face with ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies! My family can be a bit cruel at times... haha but you know what we stuck to our fruit salad and honey that we brought for dessert and it was delish! Best part of the whole thing was no bloated, guilty feeling at the end of the night!

The rest of the week has just really flown by, I have withstood a lot of my old bad habits that would usually send me into a feeding frenzy exhibit a: my family going to cafe rio for dinner/ anyone mentioning Taco Bell haha. But I just feel better eating processed free, my conscience also feels good because I don't have to worry about GMO's or preservatives or calories! I just worry about eating what nature intended me to eat and it is crazy how great I feel. I'm going to say it... I may just love veggies now that I juice them! You would have never heard me say that before last week!

Now being precessed free is not all rainbows and unicorns, sometimes it is rough! Like why do I have to spend an hour plus making dinner when I can just eat this "healthy" meal that my mother in law made... it would be so much easier! But it would also be breaking my promise and if it is the last thing I do I am going to stay true to this pledge!

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Stay tuned for Brady's Point of view starting........... now!

So anytime I think about doing a diet I always kill it the first couple of days and then my desire really starts to fade away. The difference with this processed free thing is that I don't view it as a diet, I view it as a way to eat food that is going to help me function better and that has really made a difference. This last weekend is a great example, like Kassia said we faced some tough temptations but it wasn't that hard to avoid them, and come Monday morning I was really glad we didn't eat the brownies and ice cream because I felt fantastic during my workout. Before this we would stuff our faces on Sundays and our workouts on Mondays were so crappy because we felt like crap. This has helped me realize that our bodies need GOOD fuel in order to function to the best of our abilities, we are just like a car, and would any of us put super crappy fuel in our cars? Probably not so why do we stuff our faces and fill our bodies with a bunch of junk? Now I know what everyone is thinking, "Brady and Kassia are the snobby healthy people who look down on people" This is absolutely not true though, trust me I don't believe in "diets" because I know they set people up for failure, that's why I know we couldn't do this thing for the rest of our lives. I want to live by the principle of eating in moderation, so when this is all said and done I am going to incorporate a lot of the things we have learned form this process but I will definitely let myself indulge in some sweets.

Now as far as how this week has gone it really hasn't been bad, I've found myself craving some bad food a few times but for the most part I just feel great. It's awesome fueling my body with stuff that I know is benefiting me like crazy, I feel great during workouts and just overall I feel better. People think it's hard to follow this thing and they think we don't eat anything good but trust me we have found some great recipes that are healthy with whole foods AND they are delicious! It is possible after all!

Two of my favorite things so far are juicing and raw milk. We bought a juicer (more about this in another post) from Wal-Mart and it is awesome. We throw in a lot of veggies, a few fruits and it surprisingly has been pretty dang good! We were super hesitant at first because it looked nasty but it ended up being way better than what we anticipated. We have been juicing about 2 times a day and I love it, I struggle to get my veggies in and now I know i'm getting the nutrients my body needs.

Now for the raw milk, if you guys haven't tried it you totally should! It tastes awesome (I can only imagine how it would taste with some chocolate in it) and it's loaded with health benefits. If you want to watch a cool show about it watch Farmageddon on Netflix, it's a pretty controversial topic. One of the best benefits for me is that it is supposed to help with allergic rhinitis which is what I have been struggling with.

All in all I am very pleased with how the week has gone, cravings have been minimal and I feel so good. I am positive that we can do this for 16 more days! However we are making a short road trip to Boise this weekend and I'm wondering how that will go without junk food? I mean road trips are synonymous with junk food? But we made a pledge and we will stick with it!

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