Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fuel for the Body: Ranch Turkey Burgers

Since we've picked up our training over the last couple of weeks nutrition has played a big role. We tried to cut out all the junk food we had been eating the entire month of December and tried to focus on well rounded meals and healthy snacks to fuel our bodies. It's interesting, training for a triathlon takes a lot of work and you burn a lot of calories, I look at food differently now, it's not just about pleasure but its about how a certain food is going to help me in my training later that day or possibly tomorrow morning. If we eat crappy consistently we will definitely feel it and our training will be lackluster. Now trust me, we love love love food, we often plan vacations around unique and amazing restaurants, so for us to say that we are completely cutting out some foods is crazy and unrealistic. We let ourselves go out once on the weekend to a restaurant of our choice but during the rest of the week we really try to make good food choices because we know how much food can affect us.

When people say they are eating healthy other people usually think that means not eating anything that tastes good. We have tried diets in the past where we were extremely strict on what we ate and we ate a lot of stuff that just wasn't good, sure it was healthy but if it tastes like cardboard or dirt why in the freak would we want to eat it? Diets that are too restrictive just aren't sustainable, you may be able to last for a week or maybe even two but chances are you'll realize how sucky life is without good food. The challenge then comes, how do I eat healthy and make it delicious? Honestly there are a ton of options it just takes WORK! Eating healthy and delicious takes a lot of work, that's why a lot of people don't choose to do it, lets face it, we're inherently lazy, we want everything to be done quick including our food. So we just grab something quick or cook up something quick in the kitchen and most of the time it's not the healthiest decision.

We are determined to change this mindset of eating healthy being tasteless, we have a nutrition plan from Tone it Up and they have some really good stuff, Pinterest is also another great resource and even Google will pull up quite a bit.

Both of us love hamburgers but we obviously knew that burgers would hinder us in our training and our weight loss goals probably more than most other foods. Greasy fatty hamburgers no matter how you put it are unhealthy, but they are unbelievably delicious. We decided we were going to make some healthy turkey burgers. Now I get it, despite what you've heard turkey burgers just don't even compare to real burgers and I would tend to agree with that most of the time. But these ranch burgers we made were freaking delicious.
The recipe is extremely simple
•Lean ground turkey
•Ranch packet
•1-2 eggs

Throw them all in a mixing bowl, with the oatmeal I just add enough to make it stay together and then just cook them up. It's amazing how much of a difference the ranch can make, we were hesitant before we tried them because they didn't look like the greatest thing but we tried them and BAM they were delicious, add some guacamole on top and you got a pretty decent burger. We use sandwich thins or even lettuce to make it a type of lettuce wrap and that was surprisingly good too. We threw in some sweet potato fries on the side and it was a pretty dang good meal. Best of all it was HEALTHY too, wait did I mention that it was DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY, I know it's really weird but it's possible.

We'll be blogging more about the foods we eat to help us train, food is a fuel for the body, if you want to be excel in your sport of choice you got to excel in the kitchen. Stay tuned for more healthy AND delicious foods.

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