Saturday, January 10, 2015

Inspiration Wall.. Everyone needs one

Why should I make little signs of quotes and goals and hang them up around the house? I am motivated enough on my own I don't need this stuff, I'll remember it on my own. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

I used to say this all the time, I thought it was pointless to put up quotes and motivation
on your walls or kitchen or even your bedroom mirror. Then I got to thinking about elementary school, I know you are thinking why the heck am I bringing up elementary school? In elementary school I would have a spelling test every week, well I wasn't too hot at spelling so this gave me anxiety every week. My mom saw how much this was stressing me out and gave me a simple solution, she said to put the words from my test on the stairs, one for each step and as I go up the stairs I should practice spelling each one before I can move to the next step. This ended up being a life saver and I even got second place in the spelling bee that year! Haha but anyway what does this have to do with an inspiration wall? I saw these words everyday multiple times a day and they got stuck in my head, I knew them backwards and forwards and I began to believe that I was a good speller. This is the same principal as an inspiration board, you will see your goals, motivating quotes, or the races you have scheduled for that season everywhere you turn. Pretty soon you will be forced into believing that you will achieve these goals and that nothing will stop you, not that bowl of ice cream you want to eat or wanting to push the snooze button to skip your early morning workout. I created mine and Brady's Inspiration wall tonight and put it above our dining table, so that every time we eat we will have our goals staring us in the face.

Here are some ideas for your inspiration wall: 
  • Weight goals 
  • Time goals 
  • Races you will be running 
  • Motivational quotes 
  • Reminders to eat healthy 
  • Reminders to not give up 
  • Reminders to train harder 
  • Inspiring pictures 

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