Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Partnership with Triflare!

We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with Triflare for this race season. They have such high quality apparel and really fun designs but not only that they also keep the racer in mind by having all the right pockets in all the right places. The trisuit is by far my favorite, it has mesh paneling on the sides and also the chamois is the softest thing ever! Not to mention we were so excited to partner with them because their designs are amazing and so different, I love to stand out in a crowd and with Triflare you definitely do.

I also love their running dresses, for me it is so easy to just slip on one article of clothing and be able to run out the door, it literally takes all the thinking out of my outfit planning and I can look super cute while still training hard. The dress is also so comfortable, the fabric Triflare uses is like liquid butter it literally slides right across your skin. For this next race season they are coming out with new race kits for men and if they follow suit with the awesome designs that they have for women the mens designs will blow everyone out of the water. Brady can't wait to get them! The swim briefs that Brady received look amazing, as you can see in the picture the design is epic! Most swim briefs that you see in the local swimming pools are just a basic solid color, these definitely aren't basic, when Brady puts them on it looks like he is going to catch every swimmer and devour them! Haha! We love that Triflare is bucking the trend of everything being boring and solid colors and making everything bright colored and very unique! We just got this gear yesterday so we haven't had a chance to use it yet, but we will be posting more pictures of us using the gear and letting you know what we love about it!

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