Saturday, August 23, 2014

Total Body Triathlete Workout in 30 minutes

Strength Training is so important for everyone. I know there are a lot of people who train for triathlons and only train by running, biking and swimming. While that's what most of training should be, it's important to set some time aside to strength train. Strength training obviously makes us stronger but it also helps avoid injuries and corrects muscle imbalances in the body.
As triathletes we don't need to spend hours lifting weights everyday or every week, but if we can squeeze in two to three weight training sessions of about 30-45 minutes a week that should be sufficient (that's what we're trying anyways). Here is one of our favorite total body routines. This routine is to be completed for 2-3 rounds if you do 2 rounds it should take you about 30 minutes.

12 reps of bicep curl with should press

12 reps of push up with medicine ball

12 reps rear fly plus tricep kick back

12 reps jump squat tuck and throw (check out the video)

12 reps straight leg deadlifts

12 reps weighted calf-raises (no picture/video)

25 kettlebell swings

Then we did 2 round of the following ab exercises
20 reps of medicine ball sit-ups (no video)

12 reps side planks and hip lifts each side

20 reps medicine ball twists with a partner. Really make sure your abs are contracted the whole time you do this exercise or else it won't be very effective.

20 reps superman

1 minute of v-ups (dog not required). Instead of holding this for one minute we would do 5 reps then hold for 15 seconds and repeat three times.

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