Saturday, August 23, 2014

What the heck is Riking?!?

We signed up to do two half marathons this year, the first one is in three weeks in Cedar City, Utah. The second one is the Wine and Dine in Disneyworld in November. We have been training a lot but sometimes we get bored just running on the road and we want to mix it up and go in the mountains.
Brady and I have always loved everything outdoors so we got a puppy so she could share in the outdoor experience with us. We have a mini labradoodle named Libby, she just turned 2 years old. Well anyway back to our half marathon training, sometimes running on the road just doesn't cut it for me. I want to feel a cool mountain breeze, feel the freedom of isolation, and let my dog off leash! So this is where riking comes in. Living in Utah we have the blessing of never being too far from an awesome trail head and Brady and I wanted to use these in our run training but they always had parts where we would end up having to climb boulders or walk because of how steep the trail had become. Solution found! Riking: running/ hiking, this is when you run as much as possible and hike the rest. We just barely riked to Dog Lake in Millcreek canyon yesterday and it was exhilarating! Best part we got to take Libby off leash!
Workout break down:
Trail head: Big Water Trail to Dog Lake
Mileage: 6.4 round trip
Ascent: Hiked about 75% ran about 25%
Descent: Ran 100% excluding a potty break!!
Libby review: Loved it especially because there was a lake to swim in at the top!
Side Note: Odd numbered days in Millcreek Canyon dogs can be off leash

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